Want To Quit Alcohol Now? Use Addiction Killer-The Ultimate Solution
Posted By : Author on 15-10-2020
Want To Quit Alcohol Now? Use Addiction Killer-The Ultimate Solution

Top Tips for Quitting Alcohol: Key Strategies to kick out alcoholism

But first let's start with some crucial information on alcohol and how it affects you.

Alcohol Affects Your Body In 6 Main Ways:


Heavy drinking is connected with an increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and arrhythmia. Blood pressure can increase heart rate, can cause abnormal beating of heart.


Drinking alcohol leads to poor coordination, wrong judgments, slow reflexes, abnormal or distorted vision, loss of memor, and even cause blackouts.


When you drink alcohol, you are putting empty calories in your body which will lead to weight gain. On drinking too much alcohol you can vomit as it toxic in heavy amount.


Pancreatitis is caused due to the heavy consumption of alcohol. In this, inflammation of pancreas occurs which can also convert into pancreatic cancer if not treated on time.


Drinking alcohol can cause diseases like cirrhosis, hepatitis, or even liver cancer.

Reproductive System

Heavy drinking is can cause abnormal periods. It can lead to painful, irregular, heavy and discomforting periods in women and can lead to infertility in both men and women.

How You can avoid relapsing in recovery process?

  • If you are feeling the urge to use, try to wait it out. If you are successful in distracting yourself for even 30 minutes, your intensity of cravings will get lesson.
  • Focus on replacing your past use of substance with positive new ones. For example, if you used to go home and drink then try to change that habit to a new positive one.
  • Remind yourself that cravings will pass. If it's becoming harder than distract yourself with something that you find interesting.
  • You'll have to give up the habits or places that leads you to use them. Like you used to use alcohol or cigarettes during watching a game, going to concerts or spending time with friends.
  • Have a plan when things go bad sometimes as there is a possibility.
  • Be consistent towards your sobriety. Don't be a fool that you have been sober for a long time, now it's time to get a reward.