Scientists have proved and studies have showed that there is a direct relation between happiness and quit your addiction. People who are addicted to nicotine that is present in tobacco, or alcohol that is present in hard drinks experience only 1-2 hours of happiness out of 24 hours whereas people who don’t smoke or drink are likely to be happy for 7-9 hours out of 24 hours. Reports also suggest that people who quit addiction can also return to living a happy and stress free life. It is suggested by doctors worldwide that you stop drinking, quit alcohol, quit smoking for a no addiction life.

  • Are you concerned ABOUT YOUR HEALTH

Yes. Now You can achieve all this with our trusted and verified product Addiction Killer. We have already made 2 Lakh addicts quit addiction and helped them live a happy life. Addiction Killer helps to overcome your addiction and quit smoking, quit alcohol, quit charas, quit ganja, quit weed, quit smack, quit pills, quit cocaine, etc. with results showing in just a few weeks




  • The Addiction Killer Powder is a mixture of 20 precious Ayurvedic Herbs and 14 Natural Vitamins & Minerals.
  • It contains a rare Chinese herb: Kudzu (Vidatikand);This herb has worldwide usage in treating alcohol abuse.
  • Ingredients like Aawla & Gokhru present in the powder aid in detoxification of the body by improving kidney function.
alcohol treatment,
no addiction

This Ayurvedic health supplement is well known for its various benefits

  • Safe to Use
  • Effective to Cure Dependence
  • No side effects
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
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Way To Happiness

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Route 1

Addiction Killer

1-2 Months

2999 - 5999

What is an Addiction?

Addiction is an uncontrollable habit that starts from the person's lack of ability or will power to control one's choice by being able to just say “no” and walk away.

Addiction Killer VS Rehab Centre

You may have heard a lot about drug treatment facilities or alcohol treatment centres. The truth is that these drug treatment facilities or alcohol treatment centres may be successful in helping you with your alcohol problems or drug treatments but they cost a lot. That is the one negative point about these drug treatment facilities and rehabs along with the fact that they are very time consuming to quit addiction.

In case of addiction killer, you can easily start your ayurvedic treatment of alcoholism or smoking or other drugs at home or anywhere you are but in case of rehabs and other drug treatment facilities you have to give your precious months or even years to quit drinking alcohol or quit tobacco or other drugs.

BEWARE! If a doctor is providing you a medicine to stop drinking or medication for alcoholism or medication to stop smoking then they may be cheating you as there is no allopathic medication to help stop drinking. The only way out of your addiction is natural treatment for addiction. That is ADDICTION KILLER. The only certified and trusted product in the market which will naturally cure your addiction. It is the best way to stop smoking. Stop drinking alcohol now only with addiction killer.

Route 2

Rehabilitation Center

18 Months

2,00,000 - 4,00,000

Choice is Yours

"Then Why Not Kill Addiction In Almost No Cost"

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Addiction Killer

How This Works?

the natural herbal ingredients present in addiction killer increase your mental strength so you feel minimum to zero craving for addiction.

Strengthens your immunity system improves overall health condition.

Purifies your blood through revitalizing your kidney's ability to was out harmful toxins.

Eliminates all addiction causing components your blood.
Easy to use & completely Safe
Just Follow the
Morning and Evening
After Dinner
1 Spoon with water or milk



How does Addiction Killer bring happiness?

Have a look what some of our thousands of
happy clients want to say about Addiction Killer and its effects!

stop drinking, quit addiction Nasha Mukti Kendra failed, and pili goli did not work on my 23 old brother who was addicted to Alcohol and Cigarette, doctors and hospital medicine did not work too. My friend suggested Addiction Killer, he used it as last try and it worked. My brother is no longer addicted to anything and we are all very happy. Thank you addiction killer, you are best.
Preet Grover, Student
quit cigarette Kudos Addiction killer, thank you for helping me, my wife and kids are happy as i don’t smoke or drink anymore. Thank you very much.
Vinod Kumar, Accountantt
alcohol treatment Addiction Killer helped me get out of my addiction of Alcohol, Cigarette and Social Media (yes i was addicted to Social Media), i had no time for my family. My cousin bought me Addiction Killer and it actually did work and now i do't use any of these. I am now a part of a healthy and a happy family.
Vijay Jain, Professor
drinking treatment This is genuinely a great product, results start showing in 15 days! Addiction Killer, you have helped a lot. Thank You!
Kasim Rana, Sales Executive

100% Natural product
with No Side Effects

Addiction Killer is a 100% natural herbal product with advanced ayurvedic formulation because of which it guarantees that it has no side effects. It's the only product that is guaranteed 100% safe to use.

24X7 Service Available

Addiction Killer is a trusted product for natural addiction treatment. To maintain that trust, we provide a 24x7 Customer Care number to our customers so they can call and check with our highly trained agents for any query they may have.


Addiction Killer Powder is verified by top specialists and backed by the trust of lakhs of happy and satisfied customers and they strongly suggest that this powder actually works.

Why People should prefer Addiction Killer over other products?


Addiction Killer


Time Duration30-60 Days180 - 365 Days
Cost 2,999 - 5,999 8,000 - 15,000
Easy to use
Fights Craving
Improves Memory
Nourishes the Body
Improves Liver
Treats Nausea
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Addiction Killer Formula

Addiction Killer is a trusted online supplier of Ayurvedic remedy prescribed for the treatment of alcohol addiction, smoking cigarettes, marijuana and drug abuse.

Since 2012, we have assisted over 20 Lakh addicts across the globe to help them overcome their critical condition. Our Ayurvedic herbal product has been prepared with the effective herbs and natural ingredients that fight the root cause of addiction naturally.

Clinically approved Addiction Killer helps addicts to get rid of their dependency effectively, without any side effects. Hence, we assure a healthy Ayurvedic cure for alcohol abuse, tobacco addiction, smoking addiction, marijuana addiction, smack addiction, cocaine abuse and other drug addictions.

Ingredients Used in Addiction Killer Formula

In this section, we have described about some important and primary constituents used to make this product and their effects on the final results.

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Ashwagandha has a property to lower the cortisol levels in your body which is a "stress hormone" . It also reduces stress and anxiety. These properties when combined prove to be the excellent way to control your need to drink or smoke or take other drugs.

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Tulsi is well known for balancing order of your hormones. This prevents you from consuming drugs. It also heals respiratory disorders which reduces the risk of cancer and detoxifies your body of toxins settled due to heavy smoking.

alcohol treatment


Tejpatra or bay leaf is a well known herbal ingredient to help naturally treat addiction of many kinds and also heal the body that has suffered due to the addiction abuse such as alcohol abuse or marijuana abuse. Tejpatta has cardiovascular benefits, helps in selective digestion and has anti-cancer properties.

stop smoking


Aawla being a multi beneficia herbal ingredient is no surprise for anyone. Benefits like reducing blood sugar, boosting up immunity, slowing down ageing , purification of blood, cooling of the body and strengthening of the bones are few of the many benefits that help in battling addiction and detoxifying your body.

quit alcohol

Statistically Proven Effect

To validate the claims about the result and effects of Addiction Killer Powder, you can check these statistics. These statistics have been obtained from more than 2,00,000 addicts who have now been able to quit their addiction.

Decling Need to Consume

During the first 2 weeks, addicts experienced a small change in their need for consuming their prefered life tuining substance. In the next 2 weeks, a mojority of the addicts showed decline in the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

Positive Attitude

In the first week of consuming the product, addicts experienced a positive change in their outlook towards life. After stopping alcohol, smoking and other drugs and consuming Addiction Killer along side, addicts started feelng positive about their life and in the weeks to come they finally found some hope that quitting smoking, alcohol and other drugs will actually prove to be more beneficial.

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Am I Addicted?

The worst thing about being addicted is that the person who is addicted to a drug, alcohol, cigarette smoking, tobacco use, etc. doesn’t really know that he or she is addicted. They continue to use that addictive substance and that builds a dependence that in some cases seems impossible to overcome.

What are the signs of Abuse or Addiction?>

The signs of dependence or abuse vary from a person to another. Each drug or addictive substance has its own short term and long term physical effects. Marijuana and smoking cigarettes may cause chronic cough or worsen asthmatic symptoms while cocaine increases the heart rate & blood pressure. On the other hand, alcohol makes you short tempered and has an adverse affect on your liver and major body organs.

Does it deliver any side effect?

Being an herbal product, this remedy doesn’t deliver any side effect. It’s formulated with ancient ayurvedic formulation.

How Does Addiction Killer work?

Intake of drug, alcohol or other addictive substance leads to the aggravation of doshas such as Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) &;Kapha (Water). The main aim of this Ayurvedic treatment is to balance the aggravated dosha, encourage mental, emotional and physiological health, remove accumulated toxins and impair the metabolism.

How much time it takes to cure addiction?

This medicine is recommended to use at least for a month to cure addiction of up to 5 years. For long term addiction (i.e. 5-15 years), it must be used for minimum 3 months. If you feel cured during the treatment, still, continue the Addiction Killer treatment for long term results.

Are people with chronic disease eligible for this natural addiction recovery program?

Yes, people taking other medicines are also eligible for this therapy. As this product is made of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals and don’t react with other medicines. Hence, it is safe to use and can be continued with other medications.

Why Buy Addiction Killer?

100% Herbal Product - All Natural Ingredients
No Side Effects - Ancient Ayurvedic Formulation
Economical Price - Lowest Price In The Market
Simple to Use - Mix & Drink