How is the addiction of tobacco treated ?
Posted By : Author on 28-01-2020
How is the addiction of tobacco treated ?

Addiction of anything is harmful for health. It is necessary to understand the harmful effects of tobacco because the addiction is a very difficult thing to manage. Like cigarettes, tobacco also contains nicotine that is commonly known as happy chemical for brain as it affects the area of brain which is linked with pleasure and reward. Regular use of tobacco gives birth to both physical and psychological addiction. This addiction can be corrected through ayurvedic medicines for quit tobacco.

Before taking ayurvedic medicine to leave tobacco, it is important to know about the other treatments available for conquering the addiction of tobacco. Following are the treatments available for tobacco addiction:

The patch

It is generally known as nicotine replacement therapy in which a bandage like sticker is applied to the back and arms. This bandage reduces the amount of nicotine to the body and finally withdraw it from the body.

Nicotine gum

It is another form of replacement therapy. This is an oral fixation and beneficial for those addicts who have strong cravings for smoking and tobacco. This gum also contains a small of amount of nicotine that helps the person to control cravings.

Spray or inhalers

There come inhalers filled with nicotine doses that delivers lesser amount of nicotine than tobacco to the body and help the addicts to quit tobacco permanently.

Psychological and behavioural treatments

These are form of special treatments which enables an addict to change its thought processes and mood for consuming more amount of nicotine in any form such as tobacco and cigarettes. These treatments include hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and neuro linguistic programming.

Treatment differs from person to person that may include number of methods to cure an addict depending upon its nature.  The medications can also be taken after the consultation of doctors. Ayurveda has the solution of addiction. It is recommended to take labelled and trusted ayurvedic medicines to leave tobacco.Tobacco is injurious to health and it should be quitted as early as possible.