Holistic Approach to Cure Drug Addiction
Posted By : Author on 03-04-2019
Holistic Approach to Cure Drug Addiction

Summary- Drug Addicted people still have an opportunity to recover from their addiction and live again a peaceful life. Let’s know about the natural and holistic approach to cure drug addiction.

Drug Addiction requires integrated treatment of the mind, body and soul. It is a complex neurological disease that affects brain directly. This condition requires special attention or else it converts into a long lasting issue. People with drug addiction cannot function normally without having drug of their choice and it starts to affect one’s social life, professional goals and overall health.

Effects of Drug on Brain

Consumption of drugs or chemicals through inhalation, injection, smoking directly hits the brain’s communication system. It tempers nerve cells functions to send, receive and process the information. A drug affects brain in two different ways, either it imitates brain’s natural chemical messenger or over stimulates the reward circuit of the brain.

Marijuana & heroin have some chemical structures that imitate neurotransmitter which found naturally in the human body. These drugs make receptors fool, lock them and go ahead to activate the nerve cells. They do not work in the same way as a natural neurotransmitter; hence neurons start sending abnormal messages that cause issued for brain and bodies.

While other drugs like cocaine enforces nerve cells to release too much dopamine (a natural neurotransmitter) and imbalances normal recycling of dopamine. It sends exaggerated messages in the brain and causes issues for communication channels. It is like someone shouting into a microphone or whispering in your ear.

Are Drugs More Addictive Than Natural Rewards?

Drug rewards reduce oneís ability to experience pleasure from natural rewards. They eventually start feeling lifeless, de-motivated, depressed or flat for the previous pleasurable things. When he starts to consume more drugs, he experiences a normal level of reward or a familiar high (also known as tolerance) rather than natural rewards.

Holistic Therapy for Drug Recovery

Itís really difficult to know the correct steps to control this condition and seek the treatment. Recovery process differs from a person to another but when it comes to holistic approach, it has been the most successful treatment to cure addiction. Many of us are not aware of the term ĎHolisticí. In this concept body is viewed as a whole creature instead of separate body system. As per this concept, all body parts, i.e. mind, body and spirit work together and support overall health for well being of an individual. Hence, this drug recovery approach heals all body parts rather than dealing with some symptoms.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy:

The experts of holistic drug recovery approach generously care for the patients and endeavor to give a safe, healthy and compassionate environment. These factors play an important role to encourage them to avail the benefits of addiction treatment. This approach has been effective for long term outcomes with a complete recovery.

This program includes massage, fitness program, nutritional support, meditation, outdoor recreational programs etc. to treat all body systems equally. Being a complex individual, we all make complex decisions whether itís good or bad. It has been the most successful way to cure drug addiction it considers a person as a whole and treat him accordingly.