Significance of celebrating International Day against Drug Abuse
Posted By : Author on 27-06-2020
Significance of celebrating International Day against Drug Abuse

Worst thing to happen to anyone is when the person is in control of drugs. Every drug leads to the path of fatality as the person starts using it. There are various reasons for which a person starts depending on drugs. It may be due to genetic background, peer pressure, work load in the office and pressure of academic studies. For a certain period of time, drugs may calm down the nerves but in the long term it can damage the neurological system of the body.

For a moment, drugs may bring relief from stress and anxiety but later on , it will be a real cause of damaging mental health leading a person to further depression and forgetfulness. Apart from other health hazards  caused by the use of drugs, a person under the influence of addiction is always looked down upon with disgrace. He is considered as the person of immoral values, an outcast to society.

However, it is empathy and care that can reshape the lives of the people who are under the state of addiction. An addict needs to be motivated to be a part of a healthy association of people that can actually divert his or her mind from drugs. International day against Drug Abuse is observed on 26th June which aims in encouraging the addict to leave drugs or quit addiction of any form. This noble cause started by the United Nations in 1989  unites the whole world to raise voice against drug abuse in form of campaigns, rallies and placard designing. Bringing  reforms is the ultimate aim  in the lives of people whose life has been endangered by drug abuse, It is possible through proper diet, yoga and  ayurvedic therapy of Addiction Killer.

Powerful herbal ingredients of these products have the ability to remove the toxins from the body and mind caused by addiction. These products are waiting to bring further smiles to more families apart from more than 200000 families before.